About Annie & Eva, The Artist, The Mission and The Beginning


Meet Annie and Eva

Annie and Eva are two peas in a pod. Both are independent spirits and don't like to be told what to do.

Annie is Eva's best friend and she has tried her best to be ‘the leader’, as they taught her in the ‘how to be a good pack leader’ books. Sometimes it works but more often Eva manages to lead her astray. Annie has decided to be ‘the human’ instead.

Eva is Annie’s best friend. Most of the time she lets Annie lead because Annie is quite cool really and takes her to lots of nice places. Annie also knows lots of things about lots of things and Eva has lots of questions.

Eva is pretty clever and knows many words which she will only listen to when it suits her. She is always looking for ways to make Annie play with her when she has sat at her computer for too long.

Annie is a good influence on Eva. Until she forgets it is dinner time. Eva is a good influence on Annie. Until she starts barking at birds.

Annie and Eva are on a mission to spread some joy and reconnect us to our heart and our true nature, as they share their adventures.


The Artist

In 'real' life, 'Annie' is known as Ann Skinner. Inspired by all things nature and the nature of things, she loves to explore and create and, as a result, her life is constantly expanding and evolving.

Annie was a sensitive child and from a young age, she was always drawn to animals and nature. In particular dogs, trees, flowers, butterflies and bees.

In hindsight, it isn’t surprising that they would later join her love for doodling and they now feature heavily in her doodle art and her mission.

Now Annie works as a doodle artist and coach and also loves to write - in fact she is a published author twice over. A fact that still astounds her.

Through sharing her work, Annie hopes to bring a little joy or a moment of reflection into our busy lives.

Annie's life and work is informed by three keys: be present, be curious and be kind. She has come to call it living The Heartworker’s Way. It is a slower, more creative and gentle way of life. You can find out more about The Way and her work as a coach by clicking the button below.


The Mission

 “Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” – Buddha

Bring Joy and Give Back to

Help Open Our Minds and Inspire Our Creative Hearts

Through stories, creative campaigns & products, The Heartworker uses its creative voice to aid the wellbeing of life on earth by connecting us to our true nature.

The wonder of nature and the nature of things inspires Annie to connect to her true nature. By sharing her inspired heart, she hopes it will bring some love and joy in your life too.

Apart from supporting specific community or charity projects, such as working with a local animal shelter or creating characters for a passionate bee keeper on a mission, a minimum of 10% of the profits earned on products and services, will go to help plant trees. Trees are the lungs and heart of our planet. We cannot survive without them.

'Moor' Trees

Although both Annie and Eva are citizens of the world, our charity of choice is a local one as we feel inspired by their work. Moor Trees (https://www.moortrees.org/) do amazing ground roots tree growing, planting and educational work in our stomping grounds in Devon. They want to bring to life the story of how people and communities connected with the historical woodland, and enable them to re-engage with trees and natural environments.

We are thrilled to be able to support them in our own small way, such as through the sale of our our newly published Annie and Eva Love Devon book.


The Beginning

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use it the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

Annie started doodling in September 2016. At the time she needed to create a cover for her book, The Art of Contribution (more HERE), but after plowing through hundreds of images she couldn’t find one that said what she wanted it to say. In a moment of divine inspiration she doodled one, ignoring the fact that she couldn’t draw. It became the image on the cover and it was the catalyst for her love for doodling as a creative outlet.

In May 2017, she committed to creating a doodle a day for a whole year and to share it with her followers. This commitment was another major catalyst for change, helping her body of work to evolve into The Heartworker.

She has continued her daily practice and Annie's writing and doodles are now finding their way into the world in a way that she could not have foreseen when she first started her explorations.

Annie and Eva are now on a mission to support others unleash their creative heart through the power of self expression. One way is through their Doodle Devon campaign.


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