With A Little Help From Our Friends

Annie and Eva have lots of lovely friends who help them along the way. Without them, life wouldn’t be nearly as much fun, rich or colourful!

Would you like to meet some of their friends?

Meet Bee

Bee is just happy to be. Bee is determined to squeeze every honey flavoured drop out of her short, productive life. Although Bee is hard working, she also knows when to have a little snooze in a flower cup to get ready for the next shift. Bee always reminds us to bee who we are and to pollinate our special work for the benefit of others.

Meet Owl

Owl likes to look at life from all angles. Sometimes upside down. Owl may be wise but he also loves to play and keep serious things light. Owl likes to remind us of lots of important things, such as finding joy in the little things. We like to listen to Owl because what he says is usually quite useful.

Meet Bird

The love camp is divided when it comes to Bird. Annie loves Bird but Eva sometimes finds Bird rather annoying. Still, life wouldn’t be the same without Bird. Bird loves to show the way by singing her song. This way or that way, it doesn't really matter because Bird doesn't sing because she has an answer, she sings because she has a song. Through singing her song, Bird reminds Annie and Eva to sing their own song, no matter what. 

Meet Tree

Tree is perhaps the wisest of all of Annie and Eva's friends. Tree is strong and steadfast. Tree doesn’t say much but is a very good listener and keeper of secrets. Tree is also a great connector and, when joined by other Trees, he knows how to communicate without saying a single word but by changing the flow and beat of his energy. Tree is very important to Annie and Eva as he connects all the friends from across the world.

Meet Flower

Flower represents all the beautiful flowers in the plant kingdom. Annie and Eva love flowers. Annie loves all the wonderful shapes, sizes and colours and Eva loves all the smells and the little creatures that hide in them. Flower is very important to Annie and Eva, as without her the world would be a sad, sad place.

Meet Kiwi

Kiwi is one of Annie and Eva’s newest friends. Kiwi is on a mission to protect the flora and fauna in New Zealand. It’s not an easy task but she is determined and has the help of some good humans who have teamed up with her to spread Kiwi’s mission.

Join Annie and Eva plus friends!

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