Bee Calm in 2020

A unique calendar to help you stay calm throughout the year!


Introducing our Bee Calm Calendar for 2020

Back By Popular Demand!


The bees with their beautiful wisdom are back!

Our Bee Calm calendar is back with a few minor tweaks for 2020. We had so much love for our calendar and loved it so much ourselves, that we decided to let the bees do their thing again this year!

"Ann, my house is full of light and Beeuty!! Your calender is BeeYond any pictures on the web. My wife Beemed as she turned the pages ..." - David H.

Apart from sharing their wisdom, the bees also remind us to get busy beeing calm as we go through the year. To support you, we have also created twelve complimentary heart meditations inspired by each month's bee wisdom.

And did you know that each calendar also supports our 'heart' working bees! They need a lot of support so they can do their all important work pollinating our precious flowers.


Purchase your copy now or find out more impressions when you scroll down the page!

Calendar Months

Each month offers a unique and joyful bee doodle, bee inspired wisdom and access to a complimentary heart meditation.

A big thanks from the bees to all who purchased a copy


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