life lessons nature Oct 12, 2019


“Hey look at these flying leaves!” Eva looked cross eyed at one dropping on her nose. “They’re everywhere!”

”That’s why they call this season ‘fall’ ”, said Annie. “Fall is a time for letting go. That’s the cycle of things - nothing new can grow unless the old makes way for it.” 

“That makes sense, although I thought they call it autumn?” Eva was confused.

“You’ve got me there, Eva,” replied Annie. “They do here. They call it fall in America.”

”Why do they call it autumn here then?” Eva thought human language could be truly exhausting. She was glad she was a dog.

“I don’t actually know but I believe the root of the name has something to do with the passing of time,” explained Annie.

“Oh well, I’ll let it go then as life is too short,” Eva thought words were overrated.

“That’s the spirit!” smiled Annie, who loved words.

“Fall” with love from #AnnieandEva


By Ann Skinner, aka The Heartworker


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