Wish Upon A Star

life observations Oct 05, 2019


”Oh look at all those stars Eva!” Annie couldn’t believe her eyes as there were so many of them! “If you had a wish, this is the time to share it!”

“I wish ... I wish ... “ Eva couldn’t think of a single thing to wish for as there were so many wishes vying for her attention. “I can’t think of just one wish Annie. How do I choose?”

”I get it. It is easy to get overwhelmed with things we want. What is the most important thing in your life, Eva?” asked Annie.

”Joy!” Eva knew the answer without having to think about it.

”Then perhaps ask for more joy!” suggested Annie.

”Ooh, thank you Annie, I will!” Eva felt more joyful already!

“Wish upon a star” with love from #AnnieandEva


By Ann Skinner, aka The Heartworker

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