Can I Come?

life observations Oct 26, 2019


“Where are you going Annie?” Eva was watching Annie pack a suitcase and wasn’t too sure about it.

”I am going on holiday, Eva,” answered Annie.

”Can I come?” asked Eva hopefully.

”Unfortunately not, Eva. But you too are going on holiday!” explained Annie.

”Really? Where?”, asked Eva trying not to get her hopes up.

“You’re going to stay with Tracey at Basil’s Doggie Holidays!” said Annie.

“Hooray! Although I do wish I was coming with you”. Eva had mixed feelings because she loved Tracey and all the great walks she would go on, but wished Annie was coming with her.

Annie knew that she would miss Eva but could go away with a light heart as Eva would be loved and well cared for.

“Can I come” with love from #AnnieandEva


By Ann Skinner, aka The Heartworker

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