The Cause


“Why are you not on the Global Climate Strike today, Annie?” asked Eva who knew that Annie was very concerned with the state of our natural world.

“Good question, Eva,” said Annie. “I thought about it and then I realised that right now my time and energy is better spent working on the cause my way.”

“What is your way, Annie?” Eva hadn’t thought about the fact that there was more than one way.

“Well, today it means working on my heartwork so I can try to earn money to help the cause directly by helping to plant trees,” explained Annie. “I suppose there is never a right or wrong way. I just listen to my heart and decide what is right for me.”

“That makes sense, Annie. I just follow my nose!” Said Eva.

“And that is right for you, Eva!” Annie gave Eva a big cuddle.

“The Cause” with love from #AnnieandEva


By Ann Skinner, aka The Heartworker

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