Annie and Eva

& Friends

Annie and Eva are Inspired by Nature and the Nature of Things. They want to share their love of life and all things green, colourful, cuddly and creepy with you through their doodle stories.

Pull Me Up!

Jan 19, 2019


"Thanks for pulling me up on the steep bits Eva!" said Annie.

"Sure Annie! I know you...

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Are you a sausage?

Jan 12, 2019


”Hey there. Are you a sausage?” Said Eva hopefully whilst licking her lips.


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Jan 07, 2019


‘Are you a sheep?’ asked Eva.

“That’s a sheepish question!”...

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Happy 'Now' Year!

Jan 01, 2019


"Happy New Year Eva! Did you know that right now the new year is finally here?" said...

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