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Doodle for Joy Membership

Tap into joy by becoming a member of The Heartworker's Hub and join our doodle powerhouse for joy, wellbeing and creativity!

Become a fellow Heartworker!

Tap into joy by becoming a member of The Heartworker's Hub!

The Hub offers a creative space for you to give back to yourself.

You will receive access to doodle foundation courses, such as Doodle for Fun, Wellbeing and Peace, as well as a Community of fellow Heartworkers, plus regular LIVE session with Ann The Heartworker exploring a variety of themes for ongoing inspiration, joy and connection.

The foundational doodle courses offer:

Fun Cute Quirky - Doodle for Fun: 12 Doodle lessons (plus a bonus lesson) helping you get confident by learning to draw some of my favourite doodles - perfect for adults and children!

Joyful Loving Creative - Doodle for Wellbeing: 12 Doodle workshops and prompts to help you open your mind and heart for a greater sense of wellbeing whilst boosting your creativity.

Hope Joy Peace - Doodle for Peace: 30 days of simple yet profound prompts to help you cultivate inner peace.

"Hi Ann. I just want to say thank you but words don’t seem to be enough. Your classes have brought so much light and laughter, drawing, doodling and of course love into my being and has brought me such a really good sense of wellbeing. I hope you are feeling so much appreciation from me to you."

Ann, U.S.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! To be honest I never expected it to be so profound. I absolutely loved it and it definitely brought a lot of joy and opening up and gave me new tools to boost my creativity or to brainstorm with myself."

Mariska, Curacao

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Ann Skinner

Your Creative Facilitator

Hi, I am Ann The Heartworker, a life coach and doodle advocate, author and illustrator, lover of life, nature, animals (dogs!) and all things colourful!

I am the founder of The Heartworker's Way, the creator of Doodle Annie and the author/illustrator of The Art of Contribution and Annie and Eva Love Devon.

As a qualified CIPD Trainer, certified as a Strategic Intervention Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and mBIT Coach, I have worked with people from all over the world since 2007.

In 2016 I accidentally discovered doodling and experienced first hand the profound healing power that both creative self-expression and guided contemplation brings. It changed me from the inside out and I am now on a mission to share this gift with others.

Through my work I hope to bring a little more consciousness, reflection, love, hope, joy and inspiration into the world.