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Evolve The Heartworker's Way

A unique creative coaching programme designed to help you live a more Compassionate, Creative and Courageous life.

Are you looking to live a more inspired and meaningful life? 

Join the Doodle EVOLution and return to LOVE

Have you ever noticed that the word EVOLution starts with the word LOVE spelled backwards? When you think about it this makes perfect sense, as humanity can only truly evolve when we return to LOVE.

Course Summary

This unique creative coaching programme has been designed to help you find your unique way in life so you may live a more Compassionate, Creative and Courageous life.

Are you ready to bring more compassion to yourself,
fan the flame of your innate creativity
and build the courage to shine your light a little brighter?

Evolve The Heartworker's Way is an immersive, creative and transformative experience, designed to take you on a Hero's journey to create loving and sustainable change from the inside out.

The programme helps you to nurture a transformational healing path to self-acceptance, self-expression and self-leadership by realigning you to your heart centre, so you may you remember who you are and what you value in life.

Compassionate . Creative . Courageous

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About this Programme

Life can get so busy, with never ending to do's and the pressures of daily life in our busy modern world.

As we strive to fit everything in and have to deal with life's inevitable challenges, we start to lose our heart connection and forget what is essential to our being. Creating space to contemplate and taking time out to be creative, calms our busy mind and connects us to our heart space. In that space we meet our whole self and are more able to see things clearly as well as process our emotions in a loving and empowering way.

Through a unique process, The Heartworker's Way guides you to explore 3 parts with 12 themes and 48 creative doodle prompts.

As we explore each theme, you are encouraged to express yourself unedited using the power of doodling to connect you to your heart space and help you heal and transform.

P.S. If you think you aren’t creative or can't draw, this programme will help you to reframe your experience. You will start to understand that the process is about drawing yourself into your heart so you are able to draw your true self out.

One Journey, Three Parts, Twelve Themes

"Working with Ann has been nothing short of life-changing.

Through working with her I have been able to dream and allow that dream to change over time. I have discovered more of who I am and what I truly value in life. Ann's guidance and gentle meditation prompts have caused me to have many ah-ha moments over the past few months and those ah-ha moments have transformed into actionable steps that I can take to lead the kind of life I have always wanted.

Doodling made this a more joyful, playful experience and brought this course to life for me, it helped me see what I was learning, and unlike just taking notes that I never look at again I can and often do look back through my journal, and with just a quick glance I can remember what was taught and what I got from it." - Amy (US)

This programme will help you to ...

... become more Compassionate by
- EXPANDING your UNDERSTANDING about what drives you and how you show up in life.

... become more Creative by

... become more Courageous by
- HELPING you MOVE FORWARD with more CLARITY about what is important to you.

Ann Skinner

Your Creative Facilitator

Hi, I am Ann The Heartworker, a life coach and doodle advocate, author and illustrator, lover of life, nature, animals (dogs!) and all things colourful!

I am the founder of The Heartworker's Way, the creator of Doodle Annie and the author/illustrator of The Art of Contribution and Annie and Eva Love Devon.

As a qualified CIPD Trainer, certified as a Strategic Intervention Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and mBIT Coach, I have worked with people from all over the world since 2007.

In 2016 I accidentally discovered doodling and experienced first hand the profound healing power that both creative self-expression and guided contemplation brings. It changed me from the inside out and I am now on a mission to share this gift with others.

Through my work I hope to bring a little more consciousness, reflection, love, hope, joy and inspiration into the world.

Are you ready for purposeful Change?

"Thank you for holding a clear path for me through some sad moments. I know that I am stronger and wiser now as a result of your loving guidance. I will miss seeing your face and beholding the light that you hold on this earth. You are a gifted woman, Ann, and I am so glad you are fighting that dragon every day to keep sharing all you know.   Thank you for holding my hand through 2020. All my love to you." - Suzi (NZ)

"This course is meeting, as well as exceeding all my expectations. Ann Skinner is one of the most caring and kind-hearted facilitators I have ever interacted with. Her genuineness and wholeheartedness are expressed easily across the airways. Ann’s depth of knowledge and expanse of resources has opened up thoughts and feelings. I never knew could even exist.

 Each lesson builds upon the next with greater intensity. It is so refreshing to understand that one needs to care for and love themselves to better love and care for others.

 As Ann leans in to listen, I know she is accepting me without judgement. She is honest, vulnerable, and authentic with her interactions in the group. I am learning through her as she lives her life in what she teaches and believes in. She teaches us, through modelling to be present, curious, and kind!

 I am learning to be gentler and more compassionate with myself. I have stopped judging myself when I procrastinate. I take a deeper look at the real reasons for the delay and just acknowledge my feelings.

 I also feel mentally stronger. I feel I can better understand my thought process. I know that I am a work in progress, but it is nice to be on the road to progression! I am taking control of my thoughts in a kinder more compassionate way! I can appreciate others, be more respectful of their thoughts and ideas, as well as set important boundaries for myself.

 I would definitely recommend this course to others. If you are looking to find your True Self, hoping to learn how to forgive yourself, and have more compassion for yourself, this is the perfect course! You will learn to love yourself and take care of your heart, so you in turn can love and contribute to others from a better place! You will have a better understanding for the journey in your life, while finding encouragement and joy!" - Lisa (US)​​​​

"I feel like before I was just going through my life not really connecting with myself, just going through the motions. I had often said I can hear everybody’s voice but my own, who am I ? Now after these first few weeks in your program I’ve been taking time for myself and being quiet, I can hear the whispers of my heart and my spirit sometimes that is gold to me." - Ann (US)

"The programme has exceeded my expectations [...]. Overall I would say it is a beautiful healing journey, very informative, creative and encouraging and clearly created from love and joy. It has also given me support as someone who is self employed by giving me the confirmation I need that, despite all my worries, I am on the right path." - Jacobine (NL)

"Ann is a lovely, kind, knowledgeable and caring facilitator and teacher. I knew whatever she did, I wanted to be a part of it [...] and I also love the beautiful way the online course is produced." - Pam (US)

Course Curriculum

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