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Celebrate Devon and Get Creative with Annie and Eva


Annie and Eva Love Devon! They want to share their joy by giving back to this wonderful county through this unique creative campaign. 

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(PS Thank you to all who took part in our #DoodleDevon competition @ Woofstock this summer. You can see more about the event and a list of the prize winners on our Events page.)

Annie and Eva Love Devon!

This book was the catalyst for Doodle Devon and my commitment to plant 'Moor' Trees.

As I went out exploring and as I created each illustration, I noticed how I started to connect with nature and all its moods and colours. By doing so it connected me back to my own emotions and colours. The whole process helped to bring me home to myself.

Now, apart from planting more trees, I would like to share my joy with others who may also benefit.



About Moor Trees

Annie and Eva have chosen local charity, Moor Trees, as their charity of choice.

Moor Trees do amazing ground roots tree growing, planting and educational work in Devon. They want to bring to life the story of how people and communities connected with the historical woodland, and enable them to re-engage with trees and natural environments.

Annie and Eva are thrilled to be able to support them in their own small way as they are thankful to all trees for bringing life to this planet.

You can find out more https://www.moortrees.org/.



Annie and Eva


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