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Doodle for Wellbeing

For Groups, Teams, Staff and Events
Available Online and In-Person

Are you looking for an engaging workshop to provide your group/team/staff a chance to prioritise their wellbeing?

Doodle for Wellbeing offers a creative experience that gives participants the space to reconnect with their playful spirit, leaving them uplifted and inspired.

"Ann's session was fab. It allowed us to be creative but at our own pace and there was no pressure to follow if we had the urge to doodle our own thing. The delivery was excellent, and the session was well planned. We would definitely recommend booking Ann - she is wonderful!" - Exeter College

This creative workshop is a wonderful tonic for those who are often there for others but forget to be there for themselves.

It is so easy to feel depleted from giving of ourselves to others, but taking time for creative self-expression is necessary for our overall wellbeing.

Expressing ourselves through the freeing power of doodling is one of the ways in which we can give back to ourselves and replenish our energy levels.

Through the creative power of visual contemplation, we are able to process our emotions in a loving and playful way, reminding us that wellbeing is first and foremost an inside job. 

"We were lucky enough to have Ann visit one of our weekly Intercultural Café sessions at the University of Exeter to run a practical, in person doodling session and talk about the benefits of doodling with regards to creativity, concentration and wellbeing. Our large group of international students loved the session. There was something about being given permission to doodle without the need to be perfect artists that sparked their imaginations. Conversation, connection and happy faces followed! I would highly recommend Ann." - Exeter University

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doodling?

  There are many advantages to using the power of doodling. It helps us to focus and organise our thoughts as well as process information and emotions in a gentle and playful way.

Creating pictures also activates a different part to the brain than talking or writing does, helping us see things from a different perspective.

In the context of working with me, doodling helps us reconnect our overthinking brain to our loving heart. This is crucial for our ability to listen deeply and recognise what is really important and true to us.

Do I have to be able to draw?

No! Don't worry, I will help you with a fun lesson to give you the confidence to get started and understand that doodling is less about drawing and more about drawing yourself into your heart-space.  We are creating heartwork rather than artwork! 

Your Creative Facilitator

Ann Skinner, aka The Heartworker

 Doodle advocate and heartworker, coach, author, lover of life, nature, family, dogs, singing, colours, views and so much more ...

 Born and bred in The Netherlands, I have traveled to many countries but my heart belongs in the UK, where I have lived for much of my adult life with my husband of 30+ years and rescue dog Honey.

Throughout my life, I have had many adventures and gained a wealth of experience in various areas of life, both in business and personal and professional development. My stubborn fascination with 'why we do what we do' has given me much insight into human nature and helped me remember that we are 'human beings' before we are 'human doings'.

I am a certified Strategic Intervention coach, Multiple Brain Integrated Training (mBIT) coach and NLP Master Practitioner as well as a CIPD trained trainer.

In addition, I continue to explore different modalities, such as the application of Positive Intelligence, the 3 Principles (Mind, Thought & Consciousness) and Brain Training.

It wasn't until I discovered my innate creativity, that I realised there is another, more playful way to explore and evolve our human experience: Through THE POWER OF SELF EXPRESSION. DOODLING happens to be a simple but very effective tool accessible to all! This is how The Heartworker's Way was born.